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About Us

Firehouse Beef Jerky is a perfect balance of spices and great meat. We start with the best ingredients and hand craft a truly authentic jerky, with no brown sugar to mask the natural beef flavor. But our personal touch doesn't end there – we only smoke 800 lbs. of raw meat per batch; this allows our master smoker the opportunity to oversee all the jerky being produced. A smaller batch size also gives us better control over moisture levels and ensures a tender beef jerky with an old fashion appeal. You may have noticed that even some of the “big guys” are starting to follow our lead. Don't be fooled – Firehouse is Chicago's Hometown Jerky, and simply the best you can buy! 

Firehouse jerky is the inspiration of real-life fireman, Bernie Volk. Bernie has been making gourmet quality beef jerky for 11 years. Initially, Bernie sold his products to fellow firemen and friends. Soon, he was unable to keep up with the overwhelming demand for his "one of a kind" beef jerky. This led Bernie and a few of his fellow firemen to start producing his beef jerky from a USDA processing plant located in central Illinois. “We use only the finest USDA top-quality Inside Round beef for all of our jerky snacks. This ensures that our products are of the highest quality, 97% fat free, low in carbohydrates and high in protein.” -Bernie Volk

At Firehouse Brands we are proud supporters of "Bucks for Burn Camp" and the “Widow's and Children’s Assistance Fund”. These causes are near and dear to our heart and support local families, visit the links below to learn more about them.